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A variety of sports are on offer to all age groups at Delhi Public School. All year groups have PE classes each day discreetly timetabled in to their curriculum. Such classes play a central role in supporting the ethos of the school and a first class education. DPS Hisar has a strong reputation for sports and there is a demanding and growing fixture list, with depth in teams, backed up by extensive playing fields and facilities. Most of the students flourish in school or house teams, while some diligent and extraordinary ones progress to district, state and national level. Teamwork is fostered, leaders are identified and developed. Children learn much about themselves and others. The school benefits from a team of expert professional coaches. The recent glory brought home by Nikhil and Hitesh winning Glittering Gold and Cash Prize of INR 6,00,000 has added another sparkling feather to our coronet. Our school offers a wide range of sporting facilities at professionally built venues spread across its large campus. These include:

* swimming pool;
* skating rink;
* soccer and hockey fields;
* tennis, volleyball, basketball and netball courts;
* cricket pitches;
* and athletics track.

Besides the field games seeing to the physical strength and stamina of the students, the school offers many indoor games to them which include card games and board games. These games not only keep their minds healthy and active but also give them happiness and reduce their stress.

Over each academic year, the students may choose from the following:
Swimming, Horse Riding, Martial Arts, Skating, Athletics, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Chess, Carom Board etc.

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