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                With the swift metamorphosis being experienced by the professionals associated with almost every sphere of human activity, the responsibility of the folks looking after the Formal Education of the young ones gets exponentially multiplied. The burgeoning growth of materialism, the desire to look classy & sophisticated and the tendency to outshine others by hook or crook are wreaking havoc with the ethical obligations that an individual must be endowed with. Completely comprehending the scenario taking shape around and staying fully aware about the need of the hour, we, at DPS Hisar, are religiously committed to meet all the challenges that the journey to perfection and idealism poses in front of us even if it requires taking the bull by the horns.
We lay due emphasis on the holistic development of a child`s personality. We understand that the mind of every young aspirant is a storehouse of latent potential and the job at our hands is to expose them to such an ambience that offers them all requisite elements to nurture that prospective. Gone are the days when imposition and coercive elements used to work. Rather I apprehend that they ever worked. At present motivation coupled with the psychological approach is the key to bring desirable behavioural changes amongst the children. Moreover, all efforts made towards this end would go down the drain until or unless a wholesome rapport exists between the teachers and the pupils. We don`t leave any stone unturned to embrace this objective. We wholeheartedly believe that once the happiness quotient of an individual is well taken care of, the rest itself falls in place. The undeniable fact that the happy people are the most productive ones fuels the work culture at DPS Hisar. A team of erudite, joyful & contented individuals puts in its heart, body and soul to pave the path of multifarious learning opportunities for the delicate minds.
We aim at the formation of Gen Next that will work towards the establishment of a world free from all kinds of social evils. Equipped with the highest degree of intellectual and spiritual knowledge, they will set new paradigms of humanity for the rest of the world to emulate. They won`t feed their ego with hatred, malice and vanity, rather relish the achievements of their brethren with a feeling of rejoice.
Our vision to be the Best Educational Institute is supported with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and world class facilities. The package of talented students at our institute has interminably been bringing much sought-after laurels in both curricular and co-curricular spheres. The sparkling coronet of success adorning the Bright Visage of DPS, HISAR stands testimony to this fact.
The achievements clinched by us would have never been possible if all the associates had not played their parts with a sense of Dedication and Mutual Trust. Before I put my pen to rest, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the stakeholders for their steady faith and unyielding trust in us. I conclude by rededicating myself to our motto of `Service Before Self` and to our commitment for the pursuit of bringing the best out of our precious students.
Stay Enlightened!

Ms. Manju Sudhakar
Dps Hisar

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