Fee Norms

Fee Norms

1. The parents shall be required to deposit the fee payable at the time of admission (details available from the accounts office) at the school’s cash counter by cheque or by debit/credit card. Subsequently the fee is payable per quarter. The charges payable annually are payable along with the fee payable in April (in the years subsequent to admission).

2. Fee is to be deposited quarterly. The rst instalment is to be paid at the time of admission along with other charges and the rest of three in the months of July, October and January respectively by the 10th of these months.

3. Failure to deposit within the stipulated time will result in the fee fine of Rs. 100/- upto 20th of the month. From 21st to 30th fine charged will be Rs. 200/-.

4. If the payment is not received till the last working day of the month the name of the child will be struck off the rolls.

5. The parents are requested to fill up the three copies in detail mentioning the cheque / draft no., bank’s name and the A/C No. etc before submission of the fee booklet given to them.

6. Cheque bounced or returned by the bank (dishonored) due to any reason will be treated in the category of non-payment of fee and late fee fine will be charged as school rules.(Cheque return charges will be Rs. 200/-). If it comes after last working day of the month it gives authority to the Principal to strike the name of the child.

7. Fee paid online cannot be charged back or refunded through “Payment Gateway”. In case of any dispute please contact School Accounts Office.