Annual Report

Not only as a customary or mandate but also as an opportunity for self appraisal we humbly submit the annual report to the sui generis parent body, The Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi. The foibles and shortfalls highlighted in the previous meeting remained the governing force this session for every associate of DPS Hisar wherein everyone has worked against the clock to produce against the grain believing in the undisputed fact - drastic time calls for drastic measures. We have the gut feeling that you would certainly acclaim the upbeat in the tally of achievements and standard of education. The ace performances by the smart cookies of DPS Hisar in almost all the facets of learning and action are no flash in the pan. Rather the success is here to stay. A considerable increase in the number of enrollments consecutively for three years is one of the testimonial by-products of our conviction, success and progress. Cutting to the chase the enrollments have gone up to be 1600 from 1400 with TCs claimed only by transfer cases. The school has contemplated over the deficiencies very diligently and got down to the brass tacks to realise the true aim of education viz imparting holistic education wherein inter alia building academic brilliance soft skills such as social skills, communication skills, personality traits, emotional itelligence were infused into the young pupils that would enable them to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. Delhi Public School`s academic ethos focus on encouraging the students to utilise their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative interests so that they remain interesting and interested young braves for the rest of their professional and personal lives. The learners need to understand their own culture and history, as well as their own geographical, scientific and spiritual theory and language. The school`s academic environment is constructed such that they are able to develop their knowledge and interest in these areas in an international context and around the global world in which they are born and will live. What`s new is the beat of every heart that goes hand in hand with search, research and innovation which together make advancement and progress. At Delhi Public School, Hisar all these ingredients were smarty blended to lay the foundation of brainy, sturdy and yet humble individuals. So here is a glimpse of what`s new for your kind perusal:

Results The academic results are not the only but still the ultimate reflector of a school`s success and progress where the laws of reflection are very much applicable in the sense that angle of efforts equals the expanse of results. For class XII the school has produced improved results over the last session but not the best by far. The average result came in handy whereas the superlatives were not at the helm. On the contrary Class X produced the best results by far and registered school`s name in the area on various grounds. Moreover, detailed analysis of results has been constructed a copy of which is enclosed herewith.

Games and Sports The school remained in spot light for its unprecented and unpralleled achievements in the field of games and sports not only at district and state levels but also at national and international level. It took five whole pages to pen down the hot potatoes given that small fries were not even recorded. A copy of same has been enclosed herewith.

Olympiads Variety is the spice of life . CBSE Exams probably do not facilitate an aptitude in certain disciplines. To compensate the lacuna the school organsied a rich plethora of Olympiads sponsered by various established and credible organisations. The pundits of DPS, Hisar hit the books not the sack and came out scoring distinction at every level. A sumptuous analysis of Olympaid exams is also documented along with the report.

Co-curricular Range The school calander remained studded with a rich variety of co-curricular activities in house or extramural. One who has failed to achieve distinction inside the class cannot and should not be tagged as good for nothing. The school has never failed to find method in the madness of the young learners. The colossal potentials showcased by the students during functions and competitions have often left the tongues wagging in admiration. A comprehensive anal of achievement in extramural activities is also attached herewith.

Literary Activities The literati of DPS Hisar with literary fortes were identfied and registerd with different clubs. Avid readers formed a readers club whereas students with the gift of the gab were alloted oratory club. The prolific and creative writers formed a writer`s club. The very objective was to hone and polish the special ability they were born with. The impressive and convincing speeches/verses of our grandeloquent speakers have left unerasable imprints on the audience in various declamation, debate and recitation competitions at various levels. In English Literary Festival � A Thousand Splendid Suns, the event of DPS Hisar grabbing third position out of more than 70 DPS Schools is above board and proves the exceptional literary insight of the students and their mentors. Also, the best deligate followed by several special mention awards claimed by our global disciples in Model United Nations confrence (IIMUN) organised at Hisar stands as a strong testimony to the worldly sense of public speaking. The annual school magazine ABHIVYAKTI is another credible vehicle to travel down the bygone session. The magazine also supports the literary compositions of the young writers. The asthetic understanding of the shutterbugs and artists can easily be comprehended through designing and snapshots. The fresh edition of the magazine is under way and would soon be on your table seeking your attention. The school has also embarked upon the venture to design a coffee book that would facilitate a quick glance of the ins and outs of the school over a cup of tea.

Infracture Roof Over Skating Rink
The major ad libbing that marked the infrastructural advancement at DPS Hisar this year is the crowning of the outsized skating rink with an overhead roof from end to end to serve as the multipurpose space. Now the students will no more struggle with the scorching sun during general or special assemblies. A roof over the skating rink will eighty six the effect of extreme heat or chill so that nothing stands as obstruction before the successful solemnisation of various events and celebrations. It is still under progress and will soon take the final shape. Students are all agog about it.

School Buses Six new buses have been added to the elite fleet of school transport. Now the school parking lot sees all the buses new with all supporting latest technology and equipped with impenetrable security measures so that while the students travel to a home away from home, they feel homlike during commuting as well.

Restroom for Drivers Furniture Air Conditioner in Primary Wing Water conservation tank Foreground Generator Basketball Court Lavatories Under the umbrella of the DPSS, we have come a long way from where we had strated but many more miles are yet to be travelled. Everyday we are improvising and taking a step ahead without forgetting to retrospect and learn from the past. Now as the wheels are set in motion we will apply every trick of the trade to reach our goal of becoming the best of schools. With the magical touch of the non pareil DPS Society, we are sure to see the next level of accomplishments. We are also committed not to turn a blind eye to the essential human virtues of compassion, flugality and humility so that they become socially acceptable human beings with a lot of civic sense. Education at DPS Hisar would always aim to produce leaders who are robust and not robots. We have shifted gears, fine tuned our modus operandi and are all set to achieve to the maximum. We request you to keep the tabs on and watch this progress!

Thank you